2020 Team and Organization Award Nominations

Team and Organization Awards Form

This form is used only for team and organization award nominations. These awards include:
If you would like to make a nomination for another College award please visit the Award Nomination Page to see the other forms.

Nomination Process

Please note that the nomination process is different for each team and organizational award. To learn more about the nomination process please review the individual report template of the award you are making a nomination for. 

The deadline to submit all nominations for every team and organization award is February 1, 2020.


  • You have prepared a 250 word synopsis of the nominee’s achievements, as they relate to the award criteria.
  • You are making a nomination for one of the team and organization awards listed above
  • You have filled out and completed the nomination report for the correct award. You will submit this report with all supporting documents as one single PDF at the end of this form (include letters of nominations and support if applicable in this PDF).
  • You meet the eligibility requirements listed in the report form for the award for which you are making a nomination.

Award Selection
Award Nominee Information
Main Contact
Nominator (your contact information)
Contact Information for Publication
Please include the nominee’s contact information. This will appear in the College’s Leading Practices booklet. If you do not wish to have contact information published, please indicate “n/a” in the applicable fields.
Summary and Nomination Report
By submitting this nomination, you attest that the information provided above is, to the best of your knowledge, factual and correct. You understand that the College has the ability to fact check the information provided.