Award of Excellence in Mental Health Quality Improvement

Please note that the awards nomination campaign will launch on October 1, at which time the online nomination form and the nomination template will become available.

The Award

This award will honour a hospital, health authority, community based mental health and addictions program/service, or a leader in the field that demonstrates evidence-informed and sustained quality improvements (QI) in the area of mental health and addictions.

The recipient will receive an etched glass trophy. Should the future permit us to return to an in-person event, one representative of the winning organization will also receive paid travel and accommodation to attend the College's Honouring Health Leadership event, and a complimentary registration to the National Health Leadership Conference. In addition, the recipient will receive a $7,500 grant for the organization to use to continue their QI activities in their mental health program, and $1,000 for an educational leadership event and translation of best practices within the winning organization.


This award is open to individuals and organizations that demonstrate: (a) recent (three years) application of evidence-based quality improvements in their health system which improves outcomes for patients with mental illness and/or addictions (b) sustained system/program improvements. Possible nominees could include, but are not limited to:

  • A hospital based mental health program providing a continuum of services;
  • A community-based mental health and addictions program that is publicly funded and has official partnerships with hospitals as part of the continuum of care for the treatment of mental health and addictions;
  • A school based program that supported mental health for children/youth;
  • A corrections-based mental health and addictions program; and
  • A recognized health systems leader in the field of mental health and addictions.


Nominations must be made by a member of the College and be submitted by February 1. Nominations must be submitted as one PDF file via the team and organization award online form and include the following:

  • The completed nomination form (to be completed online).
  • A letter of nomination from a member of the College.
  • The completed nomination template, describing the innovative QI mental health initiative(s) undertaken, including the results.
  • Three letters of support that clearly articulate how the nominee meets the criteria for this award. One letter must be from a patient, family member, or patient advisory committee directly impacted by the program/initiative.

Selection Committee

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2020 Recipient: Hôpital Montfort

Over the past few years, Montfort's management has completely reviewed its approach to mental health in order to offer a French-language therapeutic environment focused on recovery. The change was significant, both for the clinical teams and for the people treated in the Mental Health Program (MHP). Focusing their strategy on recovery allowed them to look at the individual not just as a recipient of services, but rather, as a partner on a team from a recovery perspective. Such a change has required the mobilization of all stakeholders, who are called upon to strengthen their collaborative links, while respecting their differences.

Putting recovery at the forefront of their mental health strategy has required a series of initiatives that contribute to improved care and services. The team responsible for this strategy was fully committed to the implementation of the initiatives, which resulted in an award at the 2019 Merit Awards Gala, a major event that recognizes the excellence of Monfort's employees.

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Past Recipients

Please see our most recent recipients listed below. Full biography's are available in our Celebrating Leading Practices booklets.

2020 - Hôpital Montfort

2019 - Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

2018 - Dr. Kathleen A. Pajer

2017 - Scarborough and Rouge Hospital

2016 - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

2015 - Ontario Shores

2014 - Nova Scotia Health Authority (previously Capital Health)