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The chapter is operated by a group of dedicated and committed volunteers with support from the national office of the College. The Executive Committee is the core of the chapter. A nominations and elections process conducted at the chapter’s Annual General Meeting (held after May 31st year end, usually in the fall) is used to fill the vacancies on the executive. Subsequently, the Executive elects individuals from within the Committee to serve in various capacities. The term of office is two years and a maximum of two consecutive terms are permitted.
Individuals interested in learning more about the composition of the Executive may wish to consult the chapter executive contact section. If you are interested in participating on the Executive, please contact the Chairperson.
The chapter executive currently operates one standing committee for Education. The Education Committee is largely responsible for organizing the educational events of the chapter. A member of the Executive is appointed to chair this committee. The committee consist of Executive Committee members and other chapter members. Individuals who are interested in participating on this standing committee may contact the appropriate chairperson identified in the chapter executive section.