LEADS Learning Options



LEADS Learning Series

Public Offering or Organizational Programming offered through LEADS Canada

Five one-day workshops, one day per domain.

LEADS Learning Series – Online

(through CHA Learning in HealthCareCAN)

An online learning experience that will be the equivalent to a LEADS Learning Series (available Fall 2019)

Academic Partnership

A CCHL Academic Partner may pursue LEADS integration into their course curriculum.  Graduates of the program will be granted the equivalent of a LEADS Learning Series upon graduation.

Organizational LEADS Facilitators submit their LEADS learning program for equivalency

Employees of the organization participate in the internally designed and delivered program.  Upon completion, they are granted completion equivalency to the  LEADS Learning Series.

Independent Learning Mapped to LEADS

Candidate maps previous formal learning onto LEADS domains.  Candidate able to take single LEADS domain learning through CHA Learning if gaps exist.