Certified Health Executive Program

Since its inception in 1984, the Certified Health Executive (CHE™) program has attracted many of the country’s top health leaders. In fact, nearly half of College members have achieved certification.

The development of this capabilities-based program was a collaborative effort involving College members from across the country as well board members and staff. Given the constant changes within the Canadian health system, all elements of the CHE Program are regularly reviewed and revised by the CHE Program Committee and the Professional Standard Council. In 2013, the CHE Program was revised to align with the LEADS in a Caring Environment Capabilities Framework.

Certified members of the College retain the designation for as long as they continue to be members in good standing and meet the Maintenance of Certification conditions. When membership is discontinued, the designation is revoked.

For more information about the CHE Program, contact Sylvie Deliencourt, Director, Certification, Leadership Development and Chapter Support at che@cchl-ccls.ca

Certified Health Executive Program Application Documents and Forms

Below you will find the documents and forms required to apply to the CHE program.

CHE - Program Application Form

CHE - Program Overview

CHE - PLAR Program

CHE - LEADS Framework

CHE - Frequently Asked Questions

Maintaining the Certified Health Executive Designation

Below you will find information on how your certification can be maintained.

MOC - Policy and Requirements

MOC - Frequently Asked Questions

CHE™ is a trademarked program of the Canadian College of Health Leaders.