BC Health Leaders Conference


    2019 Conference Planning Committee

Shirin Abadi
Pharmacy Clinical & Education Coordinator
BC Cancer

Jaci Edgeworth
BC Health Leadership Development Collaborative

Paul Gallant, CHE
Gallant Healthworks

Kirsten Hagen
Manager, Restorative Care Unit and Medical/Surgical Relief Pools
Victoria General Hospital

Alana Godin
Director, Community Practice & Quality
Doctors of BC

Trish Hunt
Executive Director
CEO Partnerships and Projects
First Nations Health Authority

Manpreet Khaira
Project Manager
Island Health Authority

Olga Kyaushas, CHE
MAiD Coordinator
Interior Health Authority

Greg Marr, CHE
Regional Director, Medical Affairs
Northern Health Authority

Lona Cunningham
Senior Director - Critical Care, Surgical Services, Emergency and Access
Provincial Health Services Authority

Rai Read (Theresa)
Integrated Professional Team Lead
Northern Health Authority

Lila-Mae White, CHE
Interior Health Authority


Francine St-Martin
Director, Conferences and Events

Brianna Lavoy 
Senior Coordinator, Conferences and Events 

Devon Saulis 
Coordinator, Conferences and Events