CCHL Distinguished Leadership Award

In 2018, the College Board of Directors developed a new award that merged the College Award for Distinguished Service and the College Honourary Life Member Award . The new Distinguished Leadership Award was introduced for the first time during the 2018 National Awards campaign. The prestige and stature of this new award combines the best aspects of the two previous awards to create a recognition that will showcase an outstanding senior leader for their contributions to the health system, and to the College.

Nominations will be accepted exclusively from the College’s past chairs of the Board of Directors; College Fellows; Chapter Chairs and past recipients of the College Award for Distinguished Service and the College Honourary Life Membership Award.

Previous recipients of the College Award for Distinguished Service and the College Honorary Life Membership Award are eligible to receive the CCHL Distinguished Leadership Award.

2019 Recipient: John King, CHE

John King spent his 40+ year career in senior leadership positions in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario, serving in Executive Leadership roles as well as Assistant Deputy Minister of Health. A long-time member of the College, John served on the CCHL Board of Directors as a representative of Alberta and of Ontario, reaching the penultimate position of Board Chair in 2010.

John has long been an advocate of personal development and has shaped the direction of not only individuals, but of organizations and systems through his efforts. He has received numerous awards including the Trudeau Medal from the University of Ottawa, and the Mentorship and Honorary Life member awards from CCHL. John retired in November 2012 and is currently involved in consulting activities in the healthcare industry.

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Past College Award for Distinguished Leadership Award

Please see our most recent recipients listed below. Full biography's are available in our Celebrating Leading Practices booklets.

2018, Dianne Doyle, FCCHL


Past College Award for Distinguished Services Recipients

2017, David Weger
2016, Alice Kennedy FCCHL
2015, Donna Towers CHE
2014, Mark Neskar CHE
2013, Maura Davies FCCHL
2012, Don Desjardins
2011, Bonnie Adamson FCCHL
2010, Elma Heidemann FCCHL
2009, Major-général (ret'd) Mathieu CHE (ret'd)
2008, Robert Zed CHE, FACHE
2007, Ron Noble FCCHL FACHE
2006, Louise Cherry CHE
2005, Tony Dagnone FCCHL
2004, Garth Pierce FCCHSE
2003, Joseph Mapa FCCHL
2002, Kenneth Ezeard CHE
2001, Jean Bartkowiak CHE, AdmA
1999, Peter Peters
1996, Miriam Lowi-Young FCCHL, FACHE
1995, A Bailey
1994, Lorna Romilly CHE
1992, Harvey Fox FCCHSE

Past College Honourary Life Member Recipients

2017, Pat Coish-Snow CHE
2016, Mark Neskar CHE
2015, Bonnie Adamson FCCHL
2014, Elma Heidemann FCCHL
2013, John King CHE
2012, Robert Smith FCCHL
2011, Clifford Nordal FCCHSE, FACHE
2010, Kenneth Ezeard CHE
2009, Garth Pierce FCCHSE
2008, Tony Dagnone FCCHL