BC Health Leaders Conference

(Cette conférence est disponible en anglais seulement.)

Join your colleagues at a gathering of health system decision-makers including trustees, chief executive officers, directors, managers, department heads and other health leaders representing various sectors and professions in health authorities, acute, community and long-term care organizations, public health agencies, mental health and social services. The conference also draws participants from government, education and research organizations, professional associations, consulting firms and industry.
Tuesday, November 1 — Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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  Leading Through Engagement!
Let’s cut to the chase…and engage!

Engagement is found at the heart of an organization’s excellence. A recent worldwide Gallup research surveys showed that only 18% percent of employees in Canada are engaged in their jobs. Engaged employees and physicians, in health care, demonstrate a commitment to their organization, work to support the goals, make positive changes and sustain improvements. In our increasingly complex health care settings, leaders are challenged to create the environment for staff and physicians to actively engage and contribute to driving change in our system.

Engagement is not about words but about actions.  It is not just about measuring satisfaction but it is about how we transform the way that people work on all levels. It is an emotional commitment supported by good communication, trust, opportunities for growth and recognition for good work.  A lack of engagement offers a poor working environment and may lead to high turnover and lower productivity in staff.

This conference we will delve into engagement in health care through 3 specific areas -  self engagement , organizational engagement , and the healthcare system view of engagement guided by the LEADS Framework. Ask yourself…

  • Self engagement: As a leader and team member, how can I actively inspire engagement with staff, colleagues, physicians and partners?
  • Organizational engagement: How does my organization embrace staff and physician engagement as a key policy? How does it create a work environment that supports the development of employee capacity, purpose, self-direction to encourage engagement?  How does my organization tackle succession planning as a key component for success?
  • Healthcare system engagement: Does healthcare view engagement as a “nice to have” or is it understood as a key enabler to produce ‘an engaged, skilled, well-led and healthy workforce that can provide the best patient & family-centred care?

We invite you to join us as we search for answers to all these questions and more - as this conference “cuts to the chase…dispels the myths…and opens the dialog that inspires and generates engagement within and across all sectors” .


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